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Happy Halloween

happy halloween


‘Precious Blood’ by The Gits

Starting this week with Precious Blood


I’m not like them, but I can pretend. My tribute to Kurt Cobain

I have very similar memories about Kurt’s death. I was not a big Nirvana fan but still I felt sorrow and grief. It was as if someone close abandoned me.


The picture is still clear in my head, etched into my memory. It was in the beginning of April, 1994. I was still living with my parents and six years younger sister then, and we’d been away for a week skiing. That day we were on our way home by car, it was dark and we stopped at a gas station to refuel and maybe buy some candy. As we were driving into the lights we saw the front pages of the tabloids posted outside the station. There were three different tabloids in Sweden at that time, but they all spelled out the same words in big black letters. KURT COBAIN IS DEAD. My little sister and I saw them, we simultaneously drew audible breaths and exclaimed “WHAT???” in shocked disbelief. She was 13 and I was 19 and this was a big deal to us.

Why? A young person…

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Love Rock Awaits You People!


Malfunkshun, clearly descending from Rock’n’Roll Olympus


RIP Shannon Hoon

Today is 19th anniversary of Shannon Hoon’s death.

Rock on wherever you are!


Kevin Wood

Looking at Kevin, I can’t stop thinking that Andy would have looked similarly if he were still with us…



Dave Grohl About Nirvana


“You know, Nirvana used to start rehearsals with the three of us just jamming. For, like, a half an hour, just noise and freeform crap – and usually it was crap. But sometimes things would come from it, and some songs on Nevermind came from that, and ‘Heart Shaped Box’ and stuff on ‘In Utero’ just happened that way.”

Dave Grohl


I Need Some Alice in Chains!

I need AiC


Interview with Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron – Guitar Center Interviews

matt cameron

Krist Novoselic About Kurt Cobain

 krist novoselic about kurt cobain