John Baker Saunders



John Baker Saunders (1954 – 15 January 1999) was the bassist of Seattle bands Mad Season and The Walkabouts.

Saunders originated from Minneapolis. He joined Mike Mc Cready (guitar), Layne Stayley (vocals) and Barrett Martin (drums) to form onetime band Mad Season. In 1995 they recorded Above, which was promoted by the single “River of Deceit'”. They also toured briefly and released a live album from the Moore Theatre in Seattle.

He also played in another Seattle group called The Walkabouts. He joined The Walkabouts in 1996 as a replacement for Michael Wells in, and he was able to play on their European tour. Saunders was also in
Little Pat Rushing, Hubert Sumlin, Sammy Fender, and the Lamont Cranston Band. According to his friend Mike McCready, he also jammed
with Skerik and Matt Chamberlain after Mad Season had broken up.

Saunders’ body was found on January 15, 1999. An autopsy revealed that he died from a heroin overdose.

“Baker was a true blues player who lived it and played it with all his heart. He would probably laugh at me for saying that, but I don’t care. I’ll just miss him and what he brought to all of us that appreciated his music and personality,” said McCready of his friend.

The John Baker Saunders Scholarship Fund has been established “to afford children an opportunity to attend an arts camp which features music, dance, drama/storytelling, and visual arts workshops.”

No information about his burial site is readily available, but if you want to light the candle for him you can do it here.


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  1. Keep playing wherever you are John!

     photo candle_zps25ac8f6c.gif

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