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Kurt Cobain About Scott Weiland

Former Mudhoney manager Bob Whittaker shared a memory on Krist Novoselic’s Facebook page last month following Scott Weiland’s death. He shared a previously untold story about Weiland meeting Kurt Cobain backstage at Stone Temple Pilots’ show at Seattle Arena on July 8, 1993.

“I remember in Seattle – Butthole Surfers opened for them? We were back stage to say hi to the band after the show = Gibby , King Coffee ETC – I was goofing around with Kurt – he jumped on my back and I took him into the #sonetemplepilots dressingroom. Security was going to toss us out – but Scott saw Kurt and rescued us.

I set Kurt down then Scott and Kurt talked at the deli tray table – a bit awkward at first – Kurt said ‘people tell me you sound like #Nirvana . You must owe me some publishing money then.’ Scott didn’t miss a beat and pulled out a crumpled sweaty $1 bill from his pocket and gave it to Kurt. Kurt took it, We all laughed and left. It was fun funny and cute. ❤️ #inventinggrunge ✔️ Life is short – everyone be nice and do good work while we are here -B”

Kurt Cobain Once Confronted Scott Weiland: ‘People Tell Me You Sound Like Nirvana’


Jeff Ament About Andrew Wood

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“I worked at this coffee shop for about six years called Raison d’etre and I worked there with tons of artists and musicians and Andy worked there and Steve Turner worked there and Roderick Romero, who is in a band called Sky Cries Mary, worked there; an amazing group of creative people that I worked with. It was crazy, cause when Andy and I worked there we mostly talked sports, which is kind of weird because the group of people that worked there at that restaurant really weren’t sports people. So I think that was kind of how we became really good friends. He was a big Cowboys fan and I was a big San Francisco 49ers fan. Then a kid named Mike Mora, whose dad Jim Mora coached the New Orleans Saints, started working there right around the same time so that was sort of our big connection. I think that was how I kind of ended up being in a band with him. He was just such a unique personality. I always say he was the Marc Bolan of our time. He kind of wasn’t afraid to push boundaries and do things that were a little bit outside of what everybody else was doing at the time. He was just super funny and really sweet and I miss him for sure.”
From an interview in Glide Magazine 2012


Chris Cornell About David Bowie

I’ve played his song ‘Lady Stardust,’ from Ziggy Stardust, live in my solo shows over the years because I always loved it on the album, and, for some reason, it reminds me of Andy Wood. I wanted to play it in tribute to him, but then I ended up writing a bunch of songs for Temple of the Dog and those took precedence. When Soundgarden split up in ’98, I came across that song, and I remember sitting in my car in the driveway listening to it, and there’s that lyric, ‘He was all right, the band was all together,’ and it’s so hopeful. My band had just broken up. And it really gutted me. So that was when I started doing it. I haven’t played it more than a couple times live, but it’s like the one song of his that I’ve always been drawn to. I just really love it.

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Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots Covering David Bowie’s Songs

Exegi monumentum
perennius aere
situ regali
Non moriar omnis
parsque multa mei
uitabit Libitinam

I have completed a monument
More lasting than bronze and far higher
Than that royal pile of Pyramids (…)
My end won’t be complete, and a great
Part of me will evade the death god

Horace, Odes III.30 (translated by Peter Saint-Andre)

Artists never die completely.

Thank you David Bowie



Happy 50th Birthday Andrew Wood!

Happy Birthday To Andrew


He would have been fifty today…

The Love Child: Celebrating Andrew Wood on His 50th Birthday

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Grunge Graveyard: 2015 in review

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Have a good year everyone 🙂



The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

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A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,500 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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Space Needle (Episode 16)

Happy New Year!

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