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Grunge Graveyard on FB

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L’Andrew Love Child

l'andrew love child

via Seattle The city that saved music

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain!


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I Nirvana e il grunge, vent’anni dopo: la mostra – Spettacoli –

Shirley Manson To Kayne West

You go girl! I just don’t understand why nobody said it earlier.

shirley manson

Kurt Cobain and Mark Lanegan’s Short-lived Leadbelly Tribute Band

Kurt Cobain and Mark Lanegan’s short-lived Leadbelly tribute band | Dangerous Minds

mark lanegan kurt-cobain-1

Mad Season Reunion (2)

The show took place on Jan 30th, here is some coverage:


mad season ticket1 mad season ticket2 mad season ticket3 mad season ticket4

Sonic Evolution Setlist:

Con Seattle Symphony:
1.- “Ashes” (de Yann Robin, inspirado en Kurt Cobain)
2.- “Beyond Much Difference” (de Angelique Poteat, inspirado en Pearl Jam)
3.- Mike McCready y Matt Cameron – “Walking the Horizon”


Seattle Symphony con Mad Season:
4.- Long Gone Day
5.- River of Deceit
6.- I Don’t Know Anything

Mad Season sin Seattle Symphony:
7.- Wake Up (con Matt Cameron y Kim Virant)
8.- Lifeless Dead (con Jeff Angell)
9.- I’m Above (con Jeff Angell y Kim Virant)

Temple Of The Dog:
10.- Call Me A Dog
11.- Reach Down

Mad Season:
12.- All Alone (con Sean Kinney y voz grabada de Layne Staley)



mad season 2015 a


mad season 2015 b


mad season 2015 c


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Playlist on YouTube


TOTD reunion