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Happy Birthday Matt Cameron!

matt cameron

1962, Born on this day, Matt Cameron, drummer with Soundgarden, who joined Pearl Jam in 1998.

At the age of thirteen, he and some friends played in a cover band called Kiss, however, after a letter from the management of the rather better-known band Kiss, threatening the boys with legal action, they called it a day.


Mother Love Bone Baby Photoshoot

Very rare footage from the famous photoshoot.

baby photoshoot

Eddie Vedder About Kurt Cobain

“I went to buy some smokes and I saw this thing in the paper about Kurt ODing in Italy. I got home – I was alone in the house – and I remember all of a sudden shaking with panic. Feeling like that would be the worst thing – being panicked at the thought of the music world without him.”
~ Eddie Vedder, “Grunge is Dead” – Greg Prato



Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder offered this touching tribute to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain at their first show after his death 20 years ago

“There’s a lot of space between us tonight…We’re not only kind of far, you know, we’re kind of elevated I noticed, a little more than usual. Either that, or I’ve gotten taller. But, I don’t think it’s very good to elevate yourself. That can be very dangerous. Sometimes whether you like it or not people elevate you, you know, whether you like it not. It’s real easy to fall…but I don’t think any of us would be in this room tonight if it weren’t for Kurt Cobain.”

Watch the entire performance below:



eddie vedder with k letter snl


Happy November Love Rockers

It’s already November but Andrew is good for every season of the year.

happy november


Shannon Hoon

Have a good weekend everyone! Keep calm and listen to Blind Melon



Andrew Wood and Chris Cornell

andy and chris


’88 Summer Rock Ticket



Space Needle (Episode 3)

space needle3


Layne and Mike


Layne Staley and Mike Starr (and the announcement of Mother Love Bone’s show behind them)

04 May 1989


Layne Staley About Kurt Cobain

 layne about kurt

“I mean, I have felt under pressure, but the pressure I’m under and the pressure that Kurt Cobain is under are two completely different worlds. He’s in a position where he was thrust into stardom. He went from playing 150-capacity venues to headlining arenas, and we’re just not at that level yet. But the pressure to continue, to work harder, to be a career band and not a flash in the pan, that’s definitely there.” –

Layne Staley