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Andrew and Xana

andrew and xana

andrew and xana1

andrew and xana2

Space Needle (Episode 12)

space needle12

Alice in Chains and Richie Sambora

alice in chains y richie sambora

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Chris Cornell About Playing Guitar

chris cornell

“I’m completely self-taught on guitar- it limited me in some ways but was very helpful in others. My only goal to playing was to write songs.”

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Even Monkeys Like Mother Love Bone


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Kim Gordon About Kurt Cobain

kim gordon and kurt cobain

“Soon after Kurt and Courtney got together and had their baby, Frances Bean, we were playing in Seattle, and the two of them came to see us. After the show, Kurt cornered me in the dressing room. ‘I don’t know what to do,’ he said. ‘Courtney thinks Frances likes me more than her.’ Someone took a photo of us right at that moment. My back is turned to the camera, and I remember that conversation vividly.”

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Space Needle (Episode 11)

space needle11

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