In most cultures graveyard is not just a place to bury the dead. People come there to say goodbye, to cry, to recall memories, to laugh, to bring flowers and to light a candle.

None of the grunge musicians who passed away in last decades has a famous grave that would make fans go on pilgrimages as it happened with Jim Morrison’s place of rest on the Père Lachaise Cementary. Perhaps it’s better.

And yet I realise that Kurt, Layne, Andrew, Shannon and others influenced a lot of people and many of us who were growing up listening to their music would love to come to their graves, say hello&thank you and listen to their songs again.

A couple of years ago I created a virtual graveyard with the help of my then fiancé and fellow grunge lover Katie Bee but it didn’t have much traffic and disappeared from server after several months. Perhaps this blog will be luckier 🙂

Feel free to comment and share your experience&emotions.

4 responses to “About

  1. I love the idea here. I think you have created a beautiful and respectful atmosphere.

  2. Christina Moore

    Love this! I grew up grunge and it is missed dearly!

  3. My love, respect and awe for 90s musicians and their work have made me want to join the huge trail of those who keeping carrying the torch. Their heart was in the right place. They strived to remain themselves, supported breakthrough ideas, saw ands denounced the BS they saw everywhere and manifested what many of us felt about the world, which now was nowhere as bad as it is now. I miss what everyone of them expressed, warned of, and sent out. Long live. Forever.

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