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Pearl Jam’s Ten Week (2)


Here’s how Rolling Stone’s music critic, David Fricke, reviewed Ten on December 12, 1991:
“On Ten, Pearl Jam — descended from the late, lamented Mother Love Bone — hurtles into the mystic at warp speed. Singer-lyricist Eddie Vedder sometimes lets his words get way ahead of his good intentions: ‘I don’t question/Our existence/I just question/Our modern needs’ (‘Garden’). Focus instead on his voice — a ragged, enraged mongrel blend of Robert Plant and James Hetfield — and the Pearls’ surprising, and refreshing, melodic restraint. They wring a lot of drama out of a few declarative power chords swimming in echo.”

Photo from the Ten cover shoot by Lance Mercer Photography.

pearl jam ten

(rare picture with Dave Krusen)


Pearl Jam’s Ten Week (1)

#TenWeek #PJNerds
Ten Album Art:
1. #JeffAment on the album color: “There was a bit of headbutting going on with the Sony art department at that time. The version that everybody got to know as the Ten album cover was pink, and it was originally intended to be more of a burgundy color and the picture of the band was supposed to be black and white.”
2. The original photo was taken by Lance Mercer.
3. The giant Pearl Jam letters were cut out of wood by Jeff Ament.
4. Jeff Ament is credited for the albums artwork and art direction. said Jeff: “The original concept was about really being together as a group and entering into the world of music as a true band…a sort of all-for-one deal.”
5. When asked about the cover photo’s meaning, Ten drummer, Dave Krusen said this: “I feel like it was unity. Jeff built this massive Pearl Jam wood cut-out. That thing we’re standing in front of was actual size! Jeff’s an amazing artist through and through.”

ten cover


I Need Some Pearl Jam!

i need some pearl jam


Soundgarden’s Wave

my wave


London Bridge Studio Week (3)


London Bridge Studio Week
Mother Love Bone’s EP Shine was recorded in November 1988, at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, with producer Mark Dearnley at the helm. It was released on March 20, 1989, and the entire EP was later reissued on the Mother Love Bone (Stardog Champion) compilation album in 1992, with the exception of the hidden track “Zanzibar” which can only be found on this EP.
The music writing credits go to Jeff Ament, Bruce Fairweather, Greg Gilmore, Stone Gossard, and Andrew Wood. Lyric credits are Andrew Wood’s.


London Bridge Studio Week (2)

london bridge studio 1


Happy Birthday Layne!

happy birthday layne


Foo Fighters Spoof ‘Carrie’ in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

See how Dave Grohl completed Ice Bucket Challenge:

Foo Fighters Spoof ‘Carrie’ in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — Video – Hard Rock & Heavy Metal News | Music Videos |Golden Gods Awards |

matt cameron dave grohl tylor hawkins

London Bridge Studio Week (1)

This week is London Bridge Studio Week to honour Rick Parashar.

One of the albums missing here is definitely Temple of the Dog.

london bridge studio


Mother Love Bone For A Good Beginning Of The Week