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Happy Birthday Mia!

It would have been Mia’s 53rd birthday today.


The Anniversary of Mia’s Death

It was an anniversary of Mia Zapata’s death two days ago, let me commemorate her by posting my favourite song by The Gits.

The Documentary Films About Mia Zapata

Yesterday I was listening to my friend Altea‘s programme about Mia Zapata in ProRock Radio and she has linked two documentaries about Mia. You can check them here



mia_zapata1_web mia_zapata2_web

‘Precious Blood’ by The Gits

Starting this week with Precious Blood


Mia Zapata and The Gits

the gits

From https://www.facebook.com/203241396469110/photos/a.203249106468339.42398.203241396469110/559915540801692/?type=1