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Mother Love Bone Graffiti Reloaded

Jeff Ament paid tribute to his old band by spray painting Mother Love Bone graffiti on Easy Street Records’ store in Seattle.

mother love bone graffiti3 mother love bone graffiti4

via Andrew Wood


Mother Love Bone Graffiti

Famous and cult Mother Love Bone graffiti in Seattle, unfortunately not visible anymore*

mother love bone graffiti1

mother love bone graffiti2

From https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10152344438897775&id=29678422774 (see the discussion below the pictures)

And a shot from Singles by Cameron Crowe

mother love bone graffiti singles

From https://aratrask.wordpress.com/tag/washington/, you’ll see more pictures from cult grunge places there.


See the new version of this graffitti made by Jeff Ament here