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Happy Birthday Andrew!

It is 53rd anniversary of Andrew’s birth today!


The Anniversary of Scott Weiland’s Death

It is the anniversary of Scott Weiland’s death today :/ .

Anniversary of Shannon’s Death

It was the 23rd anniversary of Shannon’s death yesterday.

Happy Birthday Shannon!

Happy birthday to Shannon Hoon! He was born on this day in 1967 in Lafayette, Indiana.

When you feel your life ain’t worth living
You’ve got to stand up
And take a look around and you look way up to the sky
Yeah, and when your deepest thoughts are broken
Keep on dreaming boy, ’cause when you stop dreamin’ it’s time to die

Happy Birthday Mia!

It would have been Mia’s 53rd birthday today.

Happy Birthday Layne!

It would have been Layne’s 51st birthday today

Space Needle (Episode 32)