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Jeff Ament About Andrew Wood

baby photoshoot1

“I worked at this coffee shop for about six years called Raison d’etre and I worked there with tons of artists and musicians and Andy worked there and Steve Turner worked there and Roderick Romero, who is in a band called Sky Cries Mary, worked there; an amazing group of creative people that I worked with. It was crazy, cause when Andy and I worked there we mostly talked sports, which is kind of weird because the group of people that worked there at that restaurant really weren’t sports people. So I think that was kind of how we became really good friends. He was a big Cowboys fan and I was a big San Francisco 49ers fan. Then a kid named Mike Mora, whose dad Jim Mora coached the New Orleans Saints, started working there right around the same time so that was sort of our big connection. I think that was how I kind of ended up being in a band with him. He was just such a unique personality. I always say he was the Marc Bolan of our time. He kind of wasn’t afraid to push boundaries and do things that were a little bit outside of what everybody else was doing at the time. He was just super funny and really sweet and I miss him for sure.”
From an interview in Glide Magazine 2012